Astradeco Fashion and Accessories was created to be the leading fashion store especially sarong, wholesale, exporter, designer clothing and accessories. With access to a vast inventory that reaches into the hundreds showcases only the highest-quality apparel sourced from Bali and Indonesia.

The company is fully committed to providing superior products and service, and certifies every featured item to ensure 100% quality. Advanced technology standards create a highly organized, remarkably efficient and aesthetically pleasing format for fast, convenient shopping.

Astradeco Fashion is a privately held corporation based in Bali – Indonesia.

The Founder

About Agatha..

Agatha Suparyanti is a woman coming into her own power: personally and professionally. She’s been doing so all her life. A designer of sarong and a highly successful businesswoman, Agatha is multi-faceted and dynamic.

Agatha started off in hospitality industry nearly two decades ago, and although she has always seen herself as a creative person, it was several years before this side of her personality married the capable business woman in her. The first step in her development was as the graphic designer at her own firm, catered mainly to large hotels and several multi-national corporate offices in Bali.

Agatha Suparyanti

Our Team